Information about Dinghy Shack Marketplace

How it works

How to use the Dinghy Shack Marketplace?

Anyone can browse and view the site – to be able to contact buyers or post your own ads you will need  to Sign up for a free account. For now use of this site is free for buyers and sellers.

Types of adverts? 

There are currently Four types of adverts – 

  • Selling without online payment – Buyers will need to make contact with sellers to arrange payment, pickup etc.
  • Selling with online payment – Sellers will use their own Paypal account to accept payments. (Their usual paypal fees will be incurred)
  • Charter - Charter your boat -  insurance, payment etc to be arranged directly between renter and charterer.
  • Wanted - Use this type to request items from the marketplace

How does Buying with online payment work?

When you have an account and are signed in you will be able to buy items that are lised with online payment. When you do that you will get the option to buy and  at the same time send a message. The seller then has the option to accept or reject the offer.

How can I make an offer below asking price?
There is no direct feature to do this – the best way to proceed here would be to contact the buyer  and come to an agreement on selling price. The seller can then amend the price accordingly for you to make payment. 

How many phots can I have?
There is no limit at this time on the number of photos.. for best result use landscape pictures not portrait

Is there a web application for the Marketplace?
Not currently – But it is easy to add a nice shortcut to your home screen on IOS or Android devices. 

There is no category for the items I want to sell –
Go ahead and create your listing – use the other/not specific options and if appropriate the site admin will create and reclassify the advert with a more appropriate class/category. 

What do I do if I suspect fraudulent or scam listings?
This is a Peer to Peer market and as such please take care and verify what you are buying or selling. Dinghy Shack cannot be held responsible for any fake or scam listing as we are only administrators of the system. Please contact us if you have any suspicions and we will do our best to remove such listings.  

My listing is not showing up?
Please be aware that all listings maybe subject to verification by the administrators, this being the case your listing will be pending until approved.